Mission Statement: Are you feeling stuck in your life? Maybe you feel like you're going in circles and not making any progress. It's time to hit the reset button and start looking at your life through a different lens. In this lesson, we will teach you how to get unstuck and develop a powerful life plan that will propel you to the next level of leadership.

The first step in getting unstuck is to clarify your vision and purpose. Take some time to reflect on what truly matters to you and what you want to achieve in life. Visualize your ideal future and set some goals that align with your vision. Having a clear direction will give you the motivation and focus you need to overcome any challenges that come your way.

Next, we will address the limiting mindset that may be holding you back. Often, our own thoughts and beliefs can be the biggest obstacle to our success. Identify any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and replace them with positive affirmations and empowering thoughts. Surround yourself with positivity and seek out support from others who believe in your potential.


Launch so you can live – Navigate Your Reset Marching Orders


Items to purchase: Folder, Journal, or notepad for your note keeping during the class sessions.

* Launch so you can live – Marching Orders

· L2L Documents

· Intro Documents

· Process to Launch

· Scriptures of the Week

· Launch Homework

Daily Life for 6 weeks

· Conquer moments – Give back (15 minutes)

· Prayer

· Exercise

· Self-Discovery – Every find 5-10 minutes for you

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